Product Information


The CarbonAid ® and the CarbonMini ® CO2 diffusers are intended for the insufflation of CO2 into the thoracic cavity during cardiothoracic surgery, to reduce the risk of air embolism. They have been shown to be the most effective devices for de-airing on the market and remain efficient even when wet. By avoiding turbulence, they create close to 100 % CO2 atmosphere within the wound cavity. The continuous overflow of CO2 within the cavity may also prevent small particles from falling into the wound, thus reducing the risk of contamination. The well known bacteriostatic effect of CO2 further contributes to the prevention of infections.

For all open heart surgery procedures to reduce the risk of air embolism, including

  • Valve surgery
  • Atrial / ventricular septum defect closure
  • Left ventricular reconstruction
  • Aortic surgery
  • Single clamp coronary surgery
  • Insertion of ECMO through sternotomy
  • Insertion of LVAD
  • Heart transplant
Routine use of CarbonAid ® and CarbonMini ® during cardiothoracic surgery may result in:
  1. Reduction of the risk for air embolism

Possible additional benefits are:

  1. Reduced contamination of the open wound cavity
  2. Inhibitation of growth rate for Stapylococcus aureus

CarbonAid® and CarbonMini ® are CE marked and FDA registered.

Video: Prevent air embolism during open heart surgery:


The CarbonVITA tissue protector is intended for the insufflation of heated and humidified CO2 into an open surgical wound, including abdominal, cardiothoracic and orthopedic surgeries, to provide an optimal wound climate. By maintaining close to normal temperature and humidity, heat loss and dessication will be reduced, which in combination with the above stated benefits of the presence of a CO2 atmosphere, are intended to reduce the occurrence of post surgical complications.

For all open surgery procedures, including:

  • Abdominal surgery
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery

 CarbonVITA is CE marked.